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Cool red building in #tecumsehmi  (Taken with Instagram)
I’ll call this a kitchen sink #ipa. 12lb 2-row, 1lb c20, 1lb c40, 1lb Rye. 1oz nugget 60. 1oz chinook 15. 1oz centennial 5. 1 oz centennial 0. Saf05.  (Taken with Instagram)
Frankenmuth #Brewery (Taken with Instagram at Frankenmuth Brewery)
The back roads of #Indiana  (Taken with Instagram at Indiana)
Southbound 75 earlier this evening. Wicked skies!  (Taken with Instagram)
#sunrise downtown #monroemi  (Taken with Instagram at Monroe, MI)
The ‘ol #minibike. I have several stories with this guy. My first ride at like 8, I sat on it and pulled the throttle as hard as I could. Nailed the chain link fence, flipped off it and didn’t ride it for a year.  (Taken with Instagram)
Flip! #summerfun  (Taken with Instagram)
#detroitmi (Taken with Instagram)
Great game today #tigers!  (Taken with Instagram at Comerica Park)